5 simple ways

to calm down and relax in 12 minutes

Paint by number women

When it comes to painting, I'm your gal! I never actually thought I would like painting. I really don't have any skills in this area. One day my mother bought me a painting by numbers kit. I thought to myself, "what's the point?"

After I started painting after all, I understood the point. Painting by numbers with my own personal picture (my mom got a kit with a pic from our dog Katy who passed a while ago) was fantastic. It was like all worries just disappeared and I could finally relax. I didn’t even need painting skills for that. I would like to share this experience with you, that’s why I wrote this blog.

Madisson Klein

Before we start

Here you can see my painting progress while I was painting Katy.

My first day

This was mit result after the first day painting Katy with a paint by numbers kit.

My fifth day

This was mit result after some days painting Katy with a paint by numbers kit.

My tenth day

This was mit result after ten days painting Katy with a paint by numbers kit. I love the way it looks.

Okay so here are 10 ways how to relax!

Let's start with something really easy....

1. Painting your own Photo

Not everyone can be a master artist, but you know what’s the next best thing? Having a custom paint by numbers canvas of your own photograph! Art companies can now actually print a canvas based on a photo you sent them. You’ll get all the paint and brushes you need, so all you need to do is color your own canvas!

paint your very own photo by numbers

What about friends and family?

We all have a wonderful photo of our best friend somewhere on our hard drive. Why don't you paint it? That would be the perfect gift!

Ever tried painting the face of someone very dear to you? A great friend who always helped you in tough times? Maybe you should try having a canvas made to honor your good friend! This is sure to make both of you feel loved and relaxed by having a paint by numbers for adults kit! Just simply calm down by painting your best friend.

2. Painting with friends

Do you like it colorful?

You know Color Pop? No? I didn't know it before either, but that's okay! It is a colourful style, which is created on base of your photo. Then you can paint it. That looks great!

3. Paint your Photo as Color Pop

Maybe you’re feeling a little bit extra artistic, we suggest relaxing by coloring a custom made Color Pop canvas of your dog or loved one. This is a unique way or releasing some stress, while seeing and painting many colors at the same time!

Paint your picture as color pop image by numbers

Holiday, beach, Mountains, Wedding?

That one great experience or adventure that makes us feel good just thinking about it. Why not immortalize this moment in a piece of art? Paint your dream!

Paint your dream or holidays by number

Have you ever had a relaxing or interesting dream, and wish you could draw in a custom paint by numbers canvas? I’m sure we all wish that we had something in our home that could remind us of one of our dreams in life. A sort of motivation to relax us, and remind us of good times.

4. Paint your Dreams

You got any animal like dog, cat, a horse?

It really doesn't matter what pet you got. If you have a nice photo of your pet and I'm sure you do, then you should definitely paint it!

5. Paint your favorite animal

Just looking at cute animals makes us feel so relaxed and calm already! Painting your dog or cat is the best new hobby when you’re feeling stressed. Just imagine how relaxed you’ll feel while painting your favorite animal. It’s so easy and you’ll feel your stress melting away!

Paint your own pet by numbers

Start painting now and feel relaxed!